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02-24-2011, 04:38 AM
Originally Posted by radjezz View Post
I love PvP so i dont have a problem with it but a game should let people choose if they want to PvP or not. At least if u want more customers.

Now there should be a bigger open PvP zone somewhere in game.

Kerrat is also a zone to complete PvE missions. Now when u purely play PvE and have a mission in Kerrat u should not be bothered by gankers. Thats obvious.

Offcourse real gankers wont aggree because they get their fun out of ganking players and annoy them.

Personally i prefer a good PvP fight with someone who knows what to do instead of ganking someone with no PvP skills who is PvE orientated but apperantly there are real gankers in this game.

So there should be a open PvP zone where they can gank themselfs and others and where PvPrs can have some fun but Kerrat needs to be changed.
It DOES let you choose. You don't like PvP? Don't go Kerrat. Kerrat is explicitly an open PvP zone. Noone forces you to go there, mate.