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02-24-2011, 05:02 AM
Originally Posted by FarsightFrostwhisper
Kerrat has bugs, but the open pvp concept (eg. ability to gank) is not one of them.
And yes I know it gives emblems - so what, you skip a few emblems, it's not like that's some tragedy.
Well you are saying it is a game, it should be fun.

For a pure PVE player its totally not funny to skip emblems due to gankers. And that is the problem. You want it to be fun but also those others. And this is an MMO and everyone should have fun.

That's why Kerrat needs to be changed. That's why there should be a real open world PvP zone where someone who does not like PvP should not have to venture in for PvE content.

I would totally sign for a real PvP zone where there is some real fighting instead of waiting till a poor PvEr comes in and gank him.