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02-24-2011, 07:36 AM
Originally Posted by Romulan_Propoganda
"Acting like an adult" confuses me. What does that actually mean? I'm a man of the world. I watch the news, I visit places. I see no consensus on how an adult should act. One man's rationality is another man's childish arrogance. One woman's faith is another woman's terror.

Children aren't always raging, whining entities bent on fulfilling selfish desires. Or is child-bashing cool now? Or are all adults supposed to be transcendent beings, above petty bickering, violence, hate and ignorance? We as a race are not that wonderful, I assure you.

I'd rather people say "write your thoughts with polite respect" than "act like an adult."
Have you ever seen the show "Leave it to Beaver"? I think when people say "act like an adult" they have in mind some idealized 50s version of how the "perfect" adult acted on TV shows like the parents in the show I just mentioned. Of course, that isnt slightly realistic.