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02-24-2011, 08:02 AM
First off, love the new Episodes. Heres hoping for a chance of getting a Romulan Exchange BO via the diplomacy core

On that subject:
Q: The Diplomatic Exchange BO I have at the moment is still dressed in his KDF uniform, can we have the option to dress them in Fed uniforms?
I understand the idea behind them is to be like Kurn in "Sins of the Father", but I and a few others would like to make them an ‘official’ part of the crew more like Worf.
I’d personally love to see my Gorn Security Officer in a Federation Uniform (minus boots for his claws ) but with a KDF Sash… or a Gorn alternative when its released. It would be nice to have the Fed pips too (like on the neck pips on the TNG uniforms) but it might be difficult on some of the other uniforms.
Q: With the ability to refit our ships on the horizon, will we be able to alter and/or combine BO slots? E.g. on my Luna I’d like to drop the Ensign Tac slot and “combine” it with the lieutenant slot to make a Lt.Cmd slot.
Q: Will we be able to upgrade our basic traits at some point? E.g. I have ‘Borg Neural Blast’ and ‘Borg Nanites’ on my Captain, but would like to gain the advanced versions that the Borg Science BO has… maybe even become “Highly Efficient” too.
Q: Will we get craftable personal armors and shields "Kits", possibly with added visual effects, soon? E.g an “Aegis” armour that has glowing panels or shields that react with directional “impact flares” like ship mounted shields.
Q: With the addition of a Romulan Disruptor Rifle and Pistol will we be able to get our hands on more styles of weapons? Like the Cardassian, Bajoran and Jem’hadar rifles (which in the game seems to be used by the Breen) maybe different styles of Phaser rifles? Like TNG’s “blocky rifle”, VOYs compression rifle or ENT’s MACO Rifles and Phase Pistols? I'd REALLY like a bulkier Hirogen Rifle (always wanted an authentic looking one)
You could have Fed weapons at every Vendor but then certain weapons available in certain sectors. Like Bajorn weapons on DS9.

Hirogen Rifle-
Q: Will Klingons get their own “scanning” Tricorder soon? My BOs seem to use a Klingon one for powers but I get surplus Fed equipment.
Q: Can we get some more Klingon uniforms? Like the Females "long skirt" Armor (Duras Sisters) and some stuff to make us look like Dahar Masters, like coats and fur jackets (like Kor, Koloth and Kang's suits)? Maybe add some more to TOS Klingon suits?
Q: I think its been asked already, but can we scrap the “U.S.S.” off the Shuttles names and add unique prefixes so they link better with our ships? E.g.-
My Ship: U.S.S. John F. Kennedy, NCC-97067
Delta Flyer: Sinatra 97067-01
Runabout: Dean Martian 97067-02
Shuttle: Sammy Davis Jr. 97067-03

Again, great work on the episodes