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02-24-2011, 09:09 AM
Originally Posted by Sir_James_of_Cadiz
while i can see your side and prefer it, you have to realize that the age of twitter and facebook (both stupid and pathetic forms of communication) have defined many in our society today. it is the only form of communication that most will even consider looking at.

so, anything worth reading, will literally be less then 140 characters, or posted on your page so others can read about your life.

it is unfortunate that facebook has ruined true communication paths and the twitter further ruins it by shortening it.
I wrote an article about 10 years ago about the McNuggets of communication.
Which is why "Zomg this is da suxx" is the only present and future of communication on the internet.
-You could fight it outright like cryptic and lose.
-You could try to objectively try open discussion with the expresser to decipher what they are actually trying to say.
-or you could make posts about how the world doesn't communicate the way you want it to.