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02-24-2011, 08:24 AM
For the question "adult", we've not set much of an age limit. We MUST ensure that a certain minimum age is there when entering the forums (13); and after that, it is follow how someone chooses to express themselves.

As PF just said:
Originally Posted by Peregrine_Falcon View Post
The reason that people use the term 'act like an adult' is because adults can control their reactions while children cannot. An adult can remain calm during a stressful situation, many choose not to but they can, a child cannot.
I do not expect anyone to sit back with carpet slippers, puffing a pipe and going "I say!" every 2 sentences.
I would however hope that everyone understands that a written medium, such as the forums, offer you time to reflect on what you write. That is a level of consciousness I do believe anyone in a working society may ask of their fellow 'adult', no matter what their age is. (And I have met guild leaders who where very mature at age 15 - age does NOT make the term in the case of how one behaves.)

Originally Posted by Staran View Post
There is no point on cryptic or anyone enforcing how they feel a conversation should be. They will most definetly try though.
Oh, certainly not. We cannot change anyone. If someone wishes to be or behave a certain way, we are not going to give the advice a life coach would give, a spouse or a parent.

What we can and MUST however, is keep these forums workable and manageable.

We MUST ensure that the community as a whole can use the forums. That the flow of information can take place. And that rules about a certain etiquette, which we have set as the foundation of these boards, are heeded. We ask everyone to follow those rules when they join us here on the boards.
If they do not (and with this, back to topic) we have means for the community to speak up and let us know about it. We also have the means of stopping someone who is being destructive to the goals of this forum. And while we understand that even a person who has a bad day is a customer - so is the other poster they just gave a biting reply to.