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02-24-2011, 08:36 AM
Originally Posted by WishStone
What we can and MUST however, is keep these forums workable and manageable.

We MUST ensure that the community as a whole can use the forums. That the flow of information can take place. And that rules about a certain etiquette, which we have set as the foundation of these boards, are heeded. We ask everyone to follow those rules when they join us here on the boards.
If they do not (and with this, back to topic) we have means for the community to speak up and let us know about it. We also have the means of stopping someone who is being destructive to the goals of this forum. And while we understand that even a person who has a bad day is a customer - so is the other poster they just gave a biting reply to.
Again. I undestand. I always have.
Then I propose to you: Is it likely that you, or I guess Cryptic, may not want a messageboard as a way of communication THIS is the way people communicate on the internet and it will ONLY get worse.

Is there likely a better way that
1) Provides "identity" to the anonymous
2) sorts out what the 'expresser' is truely wanting but may not be able or may not want to express it correctly
because that right there, is the actual problem; Not the world, but the environment.