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02-24-2011, 09:09 AM
Originally Posted by Peregrine_Falcon View Post
I'm not going to discuss politics with you and I would appreciate it if you would stop breaking the forum rules by bringing that subject up.

Yes, even on the internet.

Look, the absence of force is the reason that people are rude trolls on the internet.

1,000 years ago people were very polite because if you weren't you were likely to get a sword or spear stuck in your neck.

100 years ago people were polite because if you weren't you just might catch a bullet from someone's six-gun.

Today people IRL are fairly polite because the occasional smack upside the head/stabbing/shooting does happen. We see in on the news fairly often anyway.

But on the internet you're completely safe! So on the internet everyone is free to be a complete rude jerk. That was specifically why I used that picture of Gary Mitchell in an earlier post. Because that is what happens to people when they lose all fear.

On this forum all you have to fear is the moderators.
even the net is not free from fallout - remember the killing in China? (or was it S. Korea?) where the kid got killed by a sword?

trolls will be trolls, people will express and define the expressions as they see fit. what one person thinks is harmless, another takes it personal. where to draw the line?

even the mods, with the power they have, have at times, i feel, overstepped and taken action when not really warranted. but then that was "MY" point of view.

i moded a board before. and it is rather difficult to determine the words and actions at times. often i would contact the poster and ask for clarification prior to infraction. but that was a personal stance i took. often times the poster would edit the post and make remarks as to why.

STO is a tad larger and more robust then the one i moded, so i am sure they have less time to commit to friendly negotiations as i did. let alone the fact that many today feel as you posted, that the net is a booth from which they can spew forth expressions and not feel the repercussions...