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02-24-2011, 09:09 AM
Originally Posted by Staran View Post
On the internet?
Cannot speak about the internet as a whole. It's pretty durn big.

On these forums? Yes. We set rules and we enforce them. If they are broken, we give points.
Gather too many points and we may permanently exclude someone from the use of the forums.
Gather too many of these and we believe that a poster is unwilling OR unable to follow these rules.

In either case: We do not wish to have them join the forum community then. Because we wish for users to folow those rules. *Edit to include to last poster: We do not negotiate the rules. Anyone may submit a ticket and have their infraction be checked by another moderator. They can check the posting history and even see the posting from before when it was moderated and at the time of the report. Based on that, we act. Not based on "But I had a bad day".