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02-24-2011, 10:24 AM
Originally Posted by WishStone
*Edit to include to last poster: We do not negotiate the rules. Anyone may submit a ticket and have their infraction be checked by another moderator. They can check the posting history and even see the posting from before when it was moderated and at the time of the report. Based on that, we act. Not based on "But I had a bad day".
i understand. but even mods have "bad" days and err in how they mod. by then, the person that got the infraction is forced to jump through hoops to resolve the issue.

im not saying it is a fool proof system, and i agree with the rules, but in all honesty, your ticket system is lacking.
and takes way too long to resolve a persons issue. ("IF" they even get a response)

dont take this as an attack, but as a review of perception from my angle. for reasons i cannot discuss nor choose to revive, but enough to recall to a degree for this post.