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02-24-2011, 10:27 AM
Originally Posted by V-Mink
You're making a slightly false equivalence (not 'false' as in 'you're lying,' but 'false' as in 'not really applicable.') Libya is a nation currently in turmoil because of a dictator who has abused their power for the better part of 30-40 years, shepherding a government that pretty much runs on corruption. It is an example of coercive force being applied in tragic and unconscionable ways. But any government, even the most benevolent, has to have some power of coercion upon its people in order to enforce laws.

An online community is not a nation. It is not a country that you are a citizen of; you can leave at any time and the forum mods do not have the power of life and death over you or the power to coerce you into giving them your money or your labor. You join it voluntarily and your life is not altered to any significant degree by taking it or leaving it. You accept the standards of that commmunity and the "laws" of the owners of it. There is nothing coercive about it; if you disagree with the way it is run, you can walk away and while you might be out the box price and subscription, you aren't going to be shot.

Now, I'm pretty sure you're not comparing StormShade to al-Qadaffi, or saying that a 25-point ban is the same as being firebombed by your nation's own air force or gunned down by mercenaries hired by your government. Libya is an extreme case -- albeit, sadly, not the only such case -- of the use of force in a coercive manner.

Yes, actually. I'm a part of several online communities that have congenial discussions and debates without it descending into WOWspeak and trollish memes. (I would expect that if there was an influx of trolls and the like then the moderators would pull out the banhammer.) So there really is no excuse for people to not have sane, coherent, rational discussions.

I'm getting the impression that you feel that since a community is going to have trolls present, then they should be tolerated and nothing done to them? I realize that's a rather silly stance, and surely not what you're suggested, but if you have proposed a solution then I apologize, I have not seen it mentioned here in this thread; could you repeat it?
I guess 'one word' wasn't enough. Sorry.
All i was saying was 'forcing people into acting a certain way doesn't work for long'. We are primates, after all. We don't do what is best. We could in simple situations, but the more complicated it gets, the more 'ansgst' is present.

Trolling is neither good nor bad. It has its purpose. They express themselves. Poorly, mind you, but it has its purpose.
You may be confusing "expressing" and "discussing", i think. They are not synonimous