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02-24-2011, 09:58 AM
Originally Posted by Staran View Post
I guess 'one word' wasn't enough. Sorry.
All i was saying was 'forcing people into acting a certain way doesn't work for long'. We are primates, after all. We don't do what is best. We could in simple situations, but the more complicated it gets, the more 'ansgst' is present.

Trolling is neither good nor bad. It has its purpose. They express themselves. Poorly, mind you, but it has its purpose.
You may be confusing "expressing" and "discussing", i think. They are not synonimous
Well, I partly agree with you in that we are complicated beings. And we seem to be quite good at being contrary at the drop of a hat. But as I said before, I do not think this is quite that coercive. Nobody is holding a gun to our heads and saying 'Don't troll!' or threatening us with arrest and incarceration.

I do also provisionally agree that trolls are expressing themselves. However, the question then comes up, is trollish expression worth allowing? Does it provide anything to the community, even a counterpoint? I agree that there is a difference between expression and discussion; trolling falls flatly on the side of expression. The troll is not seeking to have a discussion. If anything, the troll is seeking to prevent discussion. At their worst, they are going out of their way to subvert discussion into nothing more than inflaming emotions and clouding a subject; discussion cannot take place in that sort of environment. So how is that a way of expressing one's self that is acceptable and should be tolerated in a community? Do you feel that trolls should be left unmoderated?

I disagree with the assertion that trolling is neither good nor bad, and on this we will probably have to agree that we disagree. I would maintain that trolling is antithetical to the purpose of a community, and should therefore not be tolerated. There is no use for trolling except to derail a conversation and get someone else upset and angry. (Which is useful if you are engaging in some sort of conflict with them, but if that's the case, that is still not what a community is for.) As I said, a troll is not providing a counterpoint; a troll is not giving an unpopular point of view; a troll is not trying to raise awareness about an issue; a troll is not attempting an argument in reducto ad absurdiam. A troll enjoys getting a rise out of people and making them angry, and without moderator action is effectively immune to the consequences of their actions. (Even WITH moderator action, the troll suffers no consequences for their actions.)