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02-24-2011, 10:07 AM
Staran, you are speaking in general and misconstruing it to apply to a specific case.

You're essentially saying, "We're primates. Primates throw poo. Therefore there's no reason to wear a nice suit to this staff meeting. I'll just show up in my underwear and throw poo."

Forcing people to act a certain way does work for long. It works for their entire lives. Like anything it can be taken to extremes and that's when people revolt. Using politics is just as much an incorrect analogy as the earlier use of felony convictions was.

A better analogy is security guards at that staff meeting. You can remain calm and discuss the subject, or you can act up and be escorted out of the building.

Using force, in this case infracting and then banning repeat offenders, does do good. It greatly reduces the signal-to-noise ratio. This increases the amount of useful information the community people can bring to the devs.

I maintain that Trolling has no good and no useful purpose. In any event it is and will remain against the rules. Trying to argue that the rules shouldn't be as they are is outside of the scope of this thread.