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02-25-2011, 02:32 AM
But I don't wanna spec into ground skills! (even though I complain about ground taking too long)

You don't have to. Find someone who does know the BO powers you want for the play you want to use and have them train your BOs. You're looking for Gravimetric Shift 3, Tricorder Scan 3, Medical Tricorder 3, Shield Recharge 3, or Phaser Turret 3.

If you're ever shopping around for new BOs, look for these racials:

Ground Racials:
Exposer Prefers: Lucky, Soldier, Telepathic, Warrior, Limited Telepathy
Medic Prefers: Empathetic
(For details, see post #29)

Your BOs are good at:
Spamming things
Healing (the computer's reflexes are better than yours)

All BOs should be geared out with the highest capacity personal shields you can find and a sniper rifle. I prefer a plasma sniper rifle just in case the DoT sets a mob with Shield Recharge on fire, but the energy type you choose makes little difference. Armor choice also makes little difference but it's included for completeness.

My plays work toward these strengths. The recommended play for each captain is in its own color.

I mention several BO types in the playbook by special names I made up. Here are the details on each of them:

Exposer: A science BO with: Tachyon Harmonic 1, Stasis Field 1, Gravimetric Shift 3, & Tricorder Scan 3. Armor: Integrated Targeting Armor
All these powers are expose attacks. Gravimetric Shift & Stasis Field will impede oncoming hostiles while Tricorder Scan provides a massive damage resistance debuff. These powers, when combined with the exploit attack of a sniper/splitbeam rifle, are effective at incinerating enemies.

Turret: An engineer BO with: Shield Recharge 1, Phaser Turret 1, 2, & 3. Armor: Polyalloy Weave
Several of these will overwhelm oncoming hostiles in a cannonade of epic proportions. Beware of plasma grenades!

Medic: A science BO with: Hypospray - Dylovene 1, Medical Tricorder 2 & 3, & Vascular Regenerator 3. Armor: Polyalloy Weave
This BO will keep the others alive.

Shield: An engineer BO with: Shield Recharge 1, 2, & 3, & Reroute Power to Shields 3. Armor: Polyalloy Weave
Shield Recharge 3 is almost impossible to find among players. Reroute Power to Shields is a self-heal that makes sure that Shield Recharge gets cast on the other BOs where it belongs. Enemies that attack someone with Reroute Power to Shields on them may become exposed as well. Reroute Power to Shields 3 can be found on uncommon or better BO candidates on the Exchange.

Here are some general tactics based on the type of play you choose. Read the playbook first, and then come back here for the tactics:

Redwood, Pine, & Willow Tactics:

Wear Polyalloy Weave armor. Waypoint your BOs in a pocket about 40 meters away from the hostiles. Deploy all turrets, including yours. Then attack the enemies yourself while the BOs stay in the forest. Run back to the forest. The BOs will replace any destroyed turrets.

Against races which use AoE damage grenades (Romulans, Remans, & Breen), spread out the forest. Waypoint the BOs in one location and deploy the first set of turrets. Then move them a slight distance away so the turrets are no longer stacking on each other so an AoE grenade doesn't hit the entire forest all at once. Keep doing this until all turrets are spread out slightly. Then unwaypoint your BOs out of the forest and pull hostiles into range the forest. But seriously, don't play a Redwood, Pine, nor Willow against these races. Forest fires are bad.

Inferno, Fire, & Ember Tactics:

Wear Integrated Targeting Armor. If you're in an indoor map, waypoint your exposers on the tight side of the corridor leading into the room of hostiles (if possible). If you're running a Safety (or Snow) variant, waypoint the medic (and shield) behind the exposers. This will funnel the enemies into a very tight area so a Gravimetric Shift will be more likely to stop them all. This isn't possible on an outdoor map, but you can still set up a line of your exposers between the mobs and the medic (and shield).