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"OMG AA. You want me to spec into ground skills? Space is moar fun!

Like, imma tac. So I don't get any of those powers you're obsessed with!
Like, imma eng. And I'm too lazy to learn Phaser Turret 3!
Like, imma sci. I've got too many space powerz to spec into!

And nobody can teach powers from more than one profession!

Whoa whoa whoa! Calm down! You can get other people to help you.

Other people to help you.

Other people.

To help you.

I know it's a novel concept in STO where it's usually just you, your BOs, and your ship.

Here's how it works:
Find an engineer or science captain who knows the powers you want.
Unequip all items from the commissioned BOs you want trained.
Trade the engineer or science captain, and drag the BOs name into the trade window.
The engineer or science captain should train your BOs.
Then the engineer or science captain will trade you the BOs back.
Reequip the BOs items.

There. You now have your rank 3 ground powers.

"OMG AA. Like I got this uber Reman BO. He's got this awesome cape.

But when I go to trade him, I can't. I hate Cryptic! Imma cancel my sub!!!!!! /RAGEQUIT"

Seriously! Calm down! Fit out your Reman/other untradeable BO like this:

Untradeable Exposer:
Gravimetric Shift 1
Tricorder Scan 1
Tachyon Harmonic 3
Stasis Field 3

Any science BO with these powers may be considered an exposer, but the powers I listed originally are better for an exposer. It's a little expensive since Tachyon Harmonic 3 & Stasis Field 3 have to be bought from the Exchange, but this is the best an engineer or tactical captain who has the Reman can do.

"OMG AA. Like I thought you were smart!. I've had thiz Eng Borg BO for ages and you haven't said anything at all! I hate you!!!"

You know what? I'm not even going to try to calm you anymore. Here's how you set this BO up from the Power Store:

Untradeable Turret:
Shield Recharge 1
Phaser Turret 1
Phaser Turret 2
Support Drone 1