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Tier 8 Tribbles:
Give a [Tribble (zin)] to all shield, medic, & turret BOs. Give a [Tribble (nei)] or [Tribble (har)] to all exposer BOs.

Buffs your weapon damage and debuffs oncoming damage. Unless you're running to start a flank or escape a fire, you should always be crouched.

Crew Attack My Target: CAMT
Orders all your BOs to shoot whatever enemy you have selected when you push this button. This is not a power, it's just a button to push. Doesn't work with turrets or security escorts.

Obviously, the captain-inherent powers that captains get regardless of kit should be at least on one's ground bars:
Tactician Captain:
Target Optics: Use every cooldown, or line it up with your other damage buffs for even more carnage.
Fire on my Mark (ground): Cast on the most difficult hostile in an enemy pack.
Security Escort: Summons a pair of almost useless redshirts to fight at the side of whichever friendly you choose.
Tactical Initiative: Don't use on a turret BO; the old turret will just despawn. Try to cast this into a cluster of friendly exposers for maximum effect.
Strike Team: Line up this long-cooldown damage buff with other damage buffs.

Engineer Captain:
Reroute Power to Shields: A powerful self-only shield heal. Use when shields are taking damage.
Cover Shield: Can be used before a pull from a room into a corridor to further restrict the movement of hostiles, making AoEs like Gravimetric Shift & Tachyon Harmonic more effective.
Seeker Drone: Active only during battles. If activated before a pull, the drone will wander foolishly into the oncoming mobs, be isolated, and easily destroyed.
Orbital Strike: Like Photon Grenade. Except interruptable. With a stupidly long cooldown and pathetic damage. Set the images of ownage orbital strikes you saw in Cutting the Cord aside. Orbital Strike sucks.
Engineeing Proficiency: This is good for its shield resist.

Scientist Captain:
Tricorder Scan: A powerful damage resistance debuff. Use this power with an enemy targeted every chance you get.
Nanoprobe Infestation: Cast this power on the hostile that will be attacked later in the fight. Don't waste it on the first target. This power needs time to spread to other hostiles.
Neural Neutralizer: Cast only in case of melee'ing hostiles.
Dampening Field: Wait until hostiles have found where they're going to be standing for the fight.
Scientific Aptitude: Good when hostiles bring lots of Gravimetric Shifts of their own.