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02-25-2011, 01:50 AM
Originally Posted by anazonda View Post
My personal hopes are for a Phased Cloak device for the ship or character (wich is unlikely since all the models are one faced (meaning they only have substance on the side you can see, and not the other way around and nothing inside... What would be really cool is a romulan/reman ship of choice.
The problem with the phased cloak is it has nothing to do with the story arc, I very much doubt they would just give away a ship, even a dinky Reman BoP. There's also the matter of the canonistas going ballistic if it doesn't have the right bridge and interior. I suppose they could include a Scorpion fighter, but that would be a significantly larger reward than the previous limited Feature rewards.

Originally Posted by anazonda View Post
But my best geuss is one of the following:
  • A Reman BO
  • A Reman Special mental weapon
  • A unlimited supply of the cloaked tractor mines

All would be epic fail IMO.
Depending on the story ending a Reman BO might be viable. Although to misquote a certain engineer, "How many hitchhikers are we going to pick up on this trip? Maybe this is the new strategy. Enemies don't invade anymore; they just show up and look helpless."