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This was recently updated to incorperate the Ten Forward into it.

Captain 'Freakazoid' Sun was the by-product of the very old classic cartoons of the 1980's and 90's, often spending most of his time either watching old cartoons or collecting memorabilia, including a functional 1990's computer with a genuine Pinnacle chip inside.

According to rumors at Starfleet Academy, he once slept with four female Orion cadets at the same time and resisted the combined allure of their pheremones. There is also another event that occured, but it was declared classified, and requires three Admirals with gamma-level clearance to view the report.

Ever since the incident at the Academy, he has both frustrated and impressed his superiors with his unorthodox and seemingly impossible manuvers.

However, because of his eccentric nature, his peers are often seen talking about him whispering rumors about his various exploits and methodologies. Some blame the Q, whereas others simply attribute his oddities to having spent too much time watching old films and footage.

Others simply claim that he never should've been a cadet in the first place, and often wonder how he passed the psychological examination. The councilor who did the examination could not be reached for comment.

There were rumors of his admission having to do with an extremely irate officer who was the victim of a prank. Witnesses claim they saw her running back to her room screaming bloody murder. Others claim there was clothing deposited onto the hull of the ship that was docked there for retro-fitting.

Recently due to an evaluation, Vice Admiral Sun was demoted to the rank of Commander and assigned to the USS Ten Forward-A for making a complete fool of several members of the Admiralty, calling them "over-glorified paper tigers and rear echelon mother f***ers" for wasting away in an office safe behind the lines whilst problems are arising in the Fleet.