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Born on Vulcan in 2311, Solek son of Selok acquired an early fascination with lore surrounding the adventures and achievements of the legendary Ambassador Spock. Upon completion of his studies at the Vulcan Science Academy, Solek was appointed to a postgraduate fellowship involved in red matter research, which led to his participation in the upgrade of the Jellyfish starship during the Hobus incident. This afforded him a brief association with his idol, as well as renowned Starfleet Engineer Geordi La Forge.

Solek later withdrew from the Science Academy over the controversy regarding Vulcan's unsanctioned development of red matter technology. He was also troubled by evidence indicating that the entire Hobus tragedy could have been averted had the Vulcan Science Council chosen to act sooner. After undergoing and attaining the kolinahr discipline, Solek determined that joining Starfleet was the most logical course to follow in service to the needs of the many.