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Born on Qo'noS in 2371, Kr'Gret is the son of Mog, son of Nog'dtum, of the House of Kruge. The line of M'Kkshi places them in direct descent of the legendary Kruge himself, who met his honor in mortal combat with the tera'ngan 'IqnaH QaD James Tiberius Kirk in 2285.

Kr'Gret's father was an honored Imperial Marine HoH serving in the Qabjech Exploratory Fleet aboard the I.K.S. K'nel. The K'nel was listed as missing shortly before Kr'Gret's Rite of Ascension, provoking great uncertainty within the young warrior. Was Mog permitted to meet death with honor? Does he thus serve Kahless the Unforgettable in the Black Fleet of Sto-vo-kor? Or did he sail with Kortar the First on the Barge of the Dead to the fire and icy wastes of Gre'thor?

Kr'Gret joined the Klingon Defense Force and the ranks of the Grand Imperial Fleet with the personal mission of determining his father's fate while securing his own glory as a warrior of the Empire.