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VADM Semmes

Rachael Alderman Semmes is one of Starfleet’s newest captains, and arguably one of the more notorious members of their ranks. She claims to be descended from the infamous Confederate commander Raphael Semmes, though given her penchant for telling tall tales about her past, most regard that claim with a fair amount of skepticism. During her Academy years, she was infamous for pulling a variety of pranks on her classmates and even instructors; while usually harmless, they did land her in trouble from time to time. She was, and still is, also renowned for the number of lovers she’s taken over the years, ranging across a variety of species and genders. Given her reputation, many of her peers were astonished when she was given command of the Albemarle, let alone a starship at all. But she’s proven on more than one occasion that she is an instinctual and effective commander, and she enjoys the duties that command gives her. She and fellow captain Nicolai Kovac have been friends since their Academy days, and actually had a bet on who would obtain command of a starship first. Semmes won by two months and continues to teasingly remind him that he owes her a case of Romulan kali-fal.