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Vice Admiral Julian Walker
Captain, U.S.S. Eidolon

Born outside of Federation space, Julian was the product of the inherent closeness between two people on a long-term, deep space exploration mission. His parents were members of the Federation studying gravtiational forces beyond the spiral arms of the Milky Way, which forced Julian to begin his life on a cramped Nova-class vessel.

The first three years of his life were psychologically difficult. Not only was Julian's presence a taboo as birth control methods were common on board the Hermes, but most of the boy's education and social interaction came from an emergency medical hologram with programming haphazardly altered to support the child.

Upon returning to Federation space, Julian was placed into a public schooling facility. While excelling in mathematics, the physical sciences, history, and oddly enough athletics, Julian suffered greatly from an inability to socialize. His stellar academics and a paper on the necessity of government intervention on morally ambiguous matters of state led to a recommendation to become joined. The date for Julian's acceptance to Starfleet coincided with his date to be joined with the Vorell symbiote, and so a special dispensation was issued to permit the process.

The Vorell symbiote had previously been engaged in battles against the Klingon and Romulan Empire, including recently the Borg. With a storied history in battle, the Vorell symbiote brought to Julian a knowledge of tactics that, coupled with his background in history and the sciences, may prove deadly as the two areas of his psyche collide. Allegations arose that the Symbiosis Committee was pressured by Starfleet to admit Julian based on the potential volatility of his personality, but such accusations are baseless and come from a disenfranchised portion of the Trill population.