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Alright, I'll skip the usual opening paragraph, and cut right to the chase. Currently, the ranks in STO are as follows:

Ensign: 1
Lieutenant: 2-10
Lieutenant Commander: 11-20
Commander: 21-30
Captain: 31-40
Rear Admiral, Lower half: 41-45
Rear Admiral, Upper Half: 46-50
Vice Admiral: 51

Now, there's two problems with this:
1. The current setup only allows for two more "canon" ranks to be added (Admiral and Fleet Admiral).
2. The current setup skips the rank of Lieutenant, JG.

My proposal is to adjust the ranks to the following:

Cadet: 1
Ensign: 2-10
Lieutenant, Junior Grade: 11-20
Lieutenant: 21-30
Lieutenant Commander: 31-40
Commander: 41-50
Captain: 51 (-60)

Additionally, when the admiral ranks are added, they would be as follows:

Rear Admiral, Lower Half: 61-65
Rear Admiral, Upper Half: 66-70
Vice Admiral: 71-75
Admiral: 76-80
Fleet Admiral: 81

This change would allow for expansions to be a somewhat separate game involving fleet controls and other "admiral-level" abilities. It would also stay truer to canon, in that Captains are the driving force pervading the universe (i.e. the most common ship commanders).

We would also need to re-do the tutorial slightly, but doing the tutorial as a cadet would make more sense (to me at least), and would give new players a fitting introduction. Successful completion of the tutorial would place new players into the role of Ensign, a fitting place for new characters to start.

These changes, coupled with the idea of tier elimination and a new Tutorial, would make STO much more "Star Trek", while still retaining the current STO feel.