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02-25-2011, 10:23 AM
FOUR Questions

1. Star Trek Online has a large subscriber base, unfortunately we are tapping into only 5-10% of The Gaming Market. Any chance of taking Star Trek Online and porting it to The PS3 and XBOX 360 and bring in a larger game audience?

2. User doh123 has created a unOfficial Mac version of Star Trek Online, which works like a dream. Frame rate is amazing he truly did a great job. Do you guys have plans on taking his port and making it Official ... adding The Mac as a new platform?

3. OnLive is About to explode into the market by brining console level titles to Smartphones and Tablets... possibly within this year. Any chance you guys are going to work with this new service and bring Star Trek Online to a new audience and platform that will bring Star Trek Online ... portable?

4. Star Trek Online players spend a great deal of time ingame cleaning their inventory, selling on the exchange, updating skills, updating mission que, etc. instead of playing the game. And since people have only a limited time to play Star Trek Online each week could we see a way of taking care of these mundane tasks through alternate mediums like your iPhone or android device. It would be great to clean my inventory and post items on the exchange while on lunch or on the bus to work.

Thanks Cryptic for all your hard work. I remind my listeners all the time how awesome you guys are. Your community interaction is unparallel. You guys are the example by which other studios should follow.