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02-25-2011, 12:38 PM
Honestly, I have to add to the voices of disappointment. The uniform pack is fine, but why not give truly open jackets for males as well? Where's the open-with-undershirt for females? Would it really have been that difficult to do both genders with both options? I think at least the price is right.

Not so for the weapon pack, which is hardly worth it, considering the weapons aren't much better than what's available in-game. They look nice, but don't really seem like a great deal. I won't be buying this for the same reason I won't buy the T'Pol, Seven or Counselor uniforms. I'm not paying money for so little of an improvement. If those costume packs had male counterparts, or there were a few more unique weapons in here, fine. But it's too little to be offering.

You guys are really great about testing and tweaking a lot of the gameplay elements, but you seem to spring these C-Store items on us without finding out how much people are willing to pay for something. Are you doing any marketing testing for this stuff? Or just taking a guess? Normally I'm very pleased with the things you do, but half the items in the C-Store just become something for me to ignore. (For the record, I've bought and spent thousands in Cryptic points. Just not on single uniforms or, now, weapon packs.)

Thank you again for all your hard work though. Sorry I have to be critical this time.