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02-25-2011, 03:38 PM
Originally Posted by cheer View Post
Originally Posted by the_illustrious_q
You can get pretty darn close to Picard's jacket.
Yeah, but that only highlights how odd it looks for the jacket to be form-fitting yet completely open. It looks like the jacket was painted on.
I agree. The way these look is really bad. It's like someone took a pair of scissors and cut out the middle part of the jacket, pasted it to the undershirt and then tucked it into their pants. Come on! Champions Online has Jackets that look like Jackets. Why do ours have to be painted on over our shirts?

Plus, illustrious, did you realize that you had to use the DS9 Open Jacket to do that? Yeah, the texture on that doesn't quite match the Captain's Variant that is supposed to be worn underneath. So, if you use two slots to simulate Jacket On and Jacket Off versions, you would see a very noticeable difference in texture when switching between the two.

The TNG Film Open Jacket is a closer match, it's just got those darn division bands around the cuffs.