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02-25-2011, 05:04 PM
Originally Posted by Jobeleca
There are two ships to fight while inside The Vault. In the middle there is a Mogai, simply hug the wall and you won't have to fight it. At the end there is a Bird of Prey, continually fly right below its belly and it won't fire torpedoes at you - making it fairly easy to kill it after a minute or so.
I did the mission today (3rd time I finished it) and I took the Delta Flyer straight down and then across in the vault and when I was close to the bulkhead on the other side I took the ship upward through the bulkhead, getting past the Mogai. Several small fighters followed me in and I fought them without the Mogai being able to assist them. I did have to fight the Bird of Prey. Once out of the Vault, I concentrated on the small fighters for the most part and let my ally ship fight the larger Romulan ship.

I am slowly learning how to finish the mission without being defeated twice before I finish it.