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02-25-2011, 08:55 PM
I've long looked forward to the Open Jackets and I've tried to remain open minded about how it might not have turned out to be quite like the PC Gamer covers after all. I was also strongly considering purchasing them for the same reason I purchase the Delta Flyer despite my great interest in seeing it crafted instead - to promote the STO Dev team and fuel more content.

However, after looking at the previews in-game, I sadly must note that I'm not presently inclined to use my Atari Tokens to purchase these. They're unfortunately a cool idea done halfway and really not what I was looking for - to my dismay, I feel disinclined to replace any of my current B1 uniforms on my Boffs and the Admiral Jacket on my captain with this. I badly wanted to like them, but I can't conjure that feeling when it doesn't feel all that deserved - and that despite the hard work I'm sure went into them.

As for the weapon pack, I'm uninterested in paying for the Vulcan Combat Shovel or the over-ornamented Bat'leth. I've my own Borg Killing Bat'leth earned thorugh doing the super-grueling STFs and unless it's a retractable/unfolding sword like Sulu had in the 2009 Star Trek movie, it just doesn't spark my interest. I'll just keep using my hand phaser or my fists if need be... because my captain can kung fu.