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02-26-2011, 12:06 AM
Originally Posted by mijhy View Post
OK here is my rant on the subject. Great your fixing things, I love it. But seriously don't you guys have a QA department?

Everything i see in the very limited patch notes should have been fixed in testing.
-How did the missing texture for the new uniforms get missed?
-How did you manage to foul up the audio on a pre-existing mission?
-The morning of the new episode release your making last minute fixes?

I get things happen, but a lot of these little problems could be prevented in advance from where I'm sitting. Especially the new uniform options. It also bugs the crap out of me that the patch isn't even going to be at its usual time. Instead it falls squarely within the time I am usually on Friday night/morning Saturday.

As of late it seems every thing added to the game requires at least 1 patch to fix something that was overlooked. I do appreciate that things are getting fixed, I really do, just want to understand why so many simple things are being missed lately.
Simple answer? The devs are human and humans are fallible.