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02-26-2011, 01:54 AM
Supply and demand.

Theres a significantly smaller playerbase (and there has been from day one, so no, it is not somthing that has happen over time because people left the KDF. It has been like this all the way), and as such the demand for KDF C-Store items is heavily less than that for the Feds.

Also, let's be honest here: There isn't that much reference material for the Klingons. If you look at it, Cryptic dosen't seem to capture the Klingon style when they use their own design, where they have tons and tonstons of reference material for the Feds.

Basically what I am saying is: Since there aren't, and never will be as many klingon players as there are federation players, my best geuss is that the Klingon content is being pushed a little aside, to ensure that thoose who actually bring the money into development, the Feds, have a somewhat steady flow of extras (not to confuse with content... cause it is only an extra).
At the same time you have to remember that seemingly the Klingons only had 1 shuttle (the one they "searched" in TNG) so a KDF shuttle would have to be designed from scratch... Wich takes time, if they want to capture the KDF spirit in the design.