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02-26-2011, 01:47 AM
Originally Posted by Sh1ngara
valid points but the fact that kdf stuff seems left behind its not exactly encouraging new players to the kdf side is it now. doing nothing will keep the status quo but doing something will improve the growth of kdf, and as kdf are now being taken seriously as a side with the ships that got pumped to rank 5's and the tutorial being created for kdf so players start as kdf stuff like this will promote kdf to not just the playerbase but people outside the playerbase.
If you ask me (and I am no kidding here) They should take the KDF, and rip it out of STO (now now... hear me out)...

Next they should sit down, and watch TNG and DS9, and then fully re-design the KDF from the bottom up.

Why you may ask? Answer is simple: The KDF are Thieves, Thugs and bullies... not an honorable species with a strong sence of honor and justice.

THAT is what Klingons are about, and that is what they impose on the people they conquer, so if they had in fact conqured the Gorn, Naussicans and joined forced with the Orions, they would impose that way of life upon them, not allow them to continue their way of life.

I have a KDF char, but I rarely play it, because everytime i go there, I am reminded of the abuse they've made on the Klingon faction.

Originally Posted by Sh1ngara
and as for from scratch, take inspiration from others.,

and there are plenty of raiders that we use as pets that can be adapted as solo use shuttles.
The first one is a discard. It is a Son'ar ship, and as such should be part of the True Way faction if anything.

The rest I agree on... Good observation there.