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02-26-2011, 03:12 AM
Absolutely, totally and 100% agree. Cryptic's attitude to women in STO has never been particularly healthy (the breast slider borders on the ridiculous) and there are all manner of sexy, revealing clothing options for female toons that are simply not there for male toons (Orion male shirtlessness is the exception that proves the rule, and even that is hugely overshadowed by the Orion female non-outfits).

This, unfortunately, is hardly surprising for a team that is almost entirely comprised of men.

Now, whist I think the sexing-up of female toons veers into the tacky, there's certainly some grounds in saying it's 'true to Star Trek', but if that's the route Cryptic want to take I feel they are beholden to offer the same or similar options for male toons.

In my ideal world this would extend to allowing male toons to wear every thing the females could - up to and including 'cross-dressing' - this is a liberal Utopia, after all... But since I think Cryptic is rightfully afraid of a conservative backlash in that case... we at least deserve some man-beef! Where's Ricardo Montalban's chest-revealing attire? Hell, why not extend the option to go bare-chested to every male of every species as an off-Duty option?

I see this not only as a QoL issue for the men who want to sex up a little, but also as an ethical and political one that Cryptic has a moral obligation to fulfil. Trek ideals and Roddenberry's vision - although the man himself was somewhat mired in the values of his time - are about equality, freedom and egalitarianism - and if there's going to be leering at pretty people going on, it ought to come from both sides of the gender and sexuality lines!