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01-25-2009, 07:34 AM
sorry if someone has already asked these

On other MMOs you're able to run/walk/fly through other objects like there not even there. Will it be like that in STO, or will we actually crash into planets, asteroids and ofc, other ships?

I know someone has already asked about travel, but it didnt give alot away. Is it going to take a few seconds to travel from Earth to Qo'nos for example. Can we set warp factors when travelling long distances or is it going to be loading screens between sectors of space?
Transwarp gates and such may exist, but are they optional to use. Could, if we wanted to, just fly out at warp for a few weeks to get to a planet?
Can we engage enemy ships whilst at warp?

Can you release any more information on Klingon ships, can you confirm whether the B'rel, K'vort, Vor'cha class ships are going to be used aswell as any new designs?

As far as im aware, there are alot of options availible for players when encountering new races. Does this include conquering them, stripping them of resources and using it for personel gain? [evil grin]. Very Klingon like :p

Thanks in Advance