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02-26-2011, 08:41 AM
Originally Posted by LeanneArac
I'm not sure I'd go as far as 'sexist', but I think they're guilty of perpetuating some pretty unhealthy gender roles.

That said, what word /would/ you use for 'repeatedly and constantly enforcing gender stereotypes by applying a different treatment to each'?

It's okay for the ladies to show a little skin, that's just sexy and playful, but the men have to be /all/ business?
to be honest, i don't think they're enforcing anything.

women in the game (as far as npc's go for starters) are treated exceptionally well and with great respect, even handing out missions and being tough bosses (if what i've heard about the stf's are true).

now, if you're talking about players, then again, i don't think they're enforcing anything. people asked for the open-shirted uniform in the poll, so that was what cryptic tried to do (even if they failed to an extent (sorry guys)). why isn't there a male variant, you ask? probably because the most famous open jacket uniform in star trek is picard's, and they knew that the fanbase wanted it. they're not showing bias towards anyone; they're giving the majority of paying customers what they asked for based on feedback. women even have more options, as they can do the picard thing or show skin. the men can't do that, and are stuck for the most part with a single undershirt.

is it necessarily fair? maybe not, but to assume it's intentionally gender biased is doing a dis-service to the people who make the game.

personally, i wanted the paul porter (who knows who that is) open collar variant to my uniform, but that's me.

how long do you really think it's going to be before we get a ripped kirk shirt? we're already geting the green wraparound, and that's not even close to being "all business".

(sorry, tangent based on your earlier post) as far as the breast slider being ridiculous? it's not. there are women who (unfortunately for their backs) developed large breasts even from their early teens. they may even want to play this game. boobs come in all shapes and sizes, large and small. having the slider means that not every woman has to have the exact same size (which they really shouldnt, because players would never agree on a default size), and it means that women like that (a couple of which i actually know) could play this game and have an avatar they felt fairly represented them. its also a much better system than having to put every cup size in the game (because that simply wouldn't cover it).

either way, you think they're enforcing gender stereotypes; i don't. if you have genuine concerns, i'm sure stormshade or someone else would be more than willing to address them.

i just think you should do something like that before you start accusing them of doing something that they (in fairness) might not actually be doing.