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02-26-2011, 09:12 AM
Originally Posted by LeanneArac
In my ideal world this would extend to allowing male toons to wear every thing the females could - up to and including 'cross-dressing' - this is a liberal Utopia, after all... But since I think Cryptic is rightfully afraid of a conservative backlash in that case... we at least deserve some man-beef! Where's Ricardo Montalban's chest-revealing attire? Hell, why not extend the option to go bare-chested to every male of every species as an off-Duty option?
I have seen games where this is allowed. It sounds like fun until EVERYONE rolls a seven foot tall morbidly obese purple-skinned male toon and thinks it's just too clever to let them run around in a thong and bug-eye sunglasses. No thanks.