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02-26-2011, 09:18 AM
Originally Posted by nyg316 View Post
I am really disappointed in the female open jacket options. Closed, they are wearing shirts. Opened, the shirts disappear. Seriously???

I was actually disgusted by the amount of "skin" displayed on the female characters who are supposed to be Starfleet Officers. I was expecting something more professional, not the start of a striptease. We're not all 14 yr old hormone-jumping kids playing this game. Whoever approved this costume for females needs to take a step back and realize the EPIC-FAIL and make some changes asap.
Are you from the 1920s?

OT I disagree that Cryptic's sexist, I also disagree that they are perpuating/enforcing female stereotypes since there is a range of modest clothing options available and players are the ones who choose their outfits and whether their own character is "dignified" or "sexy". If you want actual outright unabashed sexism and stereotyping look at TERA Online in which the only clothing(calling that stuff armour is a bad joke) available to females is pretty much fantasy roleplay stripper gear, forcing female characters into sexual objectification no matter what the player wants, now that's something that is disgusting and not overblown sillyness about 14 yr olds and hormones. The omission of an undershirt option for females in the 2409 open jackets does need to be corrected though. Frankly I want more cleavage shown, it's pretty minimal atm, but the ESRB are silly.