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02-26-2011, 11:22 AM
Originally Posted by nyg316 View Post
Nope. I just managed to keep a standard of morality. What purpose does this particular set serve they way Cyptic did it for the female avatars? The only good I can think of to say is some of the other open jackets actually do have a shirt still.
Your standard appears to be a bit judgemental and narrow, "start of a strip tease" really? You don't think that's a bit excessive?

The purpose it serves is to generate revenue and increase customisation options, same as everything else in the cstore. People saw the jackets on the front of pcgamer, wanted them...and got a poor excuse for them, but Cryptic still gets some sales and they look a little bit like the blue alien cover so it's almost okay.

I bought the current version but only as I was buying new character slots and had points to spare, maybe later they'll be able to add OJs more like the PCgamer cover.

Also seconding the post of the person above me ST.

I apologise for the harsh tones of my posts but I really do think you're OTT on this, so it's unfortunately necessary.