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02-26-2011, 10:28 AM
OT I disagree that Cryptic's sexist, I also disagree that they are perpuating/enforcing female stereotypes since there is a range of modest clothing options available and players are the ones who choose their outfits and whether their own character is "dignified" or "sexy"
I don't for the minute think this is planned - but nor for a second do I believe this is entirely unconscious. Players are /not/ the ones who choose because male toons /are simply not given that option/.

And I'm very sorry if there are those in this thread that don't see the innate gender bias involved - or want to blunt the issue by raising far more egregious examples of sexism in the video game industry - but I fear that is precisely because it has became an expected cultural norm for women to dress in a fashion that would be unacceptable to most if a man were to do it.