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Yea I loved this episode. It felt as if I was actually living through one of the classic Tv episodes. Right down to the music... yea I recognzed the fight scene music from the classic Kirk-Spock fight when Spock had his Pon-far.

This mission totally rocked. So great job. Simply wonderfull.

However, I did find one show stopper bug. I forgot to change my settings so I was playing on Advanced. No biggier really but got a little careless and died when you had to kill the Wargul or whatever pack that was for the meat. No big deal thought I would just rez and continue. Nope that close to the cave I respaend on the other side duirng the day. Replaying it I discoverd that I had skipped ahead to after I had carved the meat and rested in the cave. Howeve dying caused me to skip ahead without completing the obhectives so I was stuck. I had to log out and back in which put me way back at the just escaping from the arena point. Not a big deal but some might find this bug annoying.

Otherwise awesome!