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02-26-2011, 06:38 PM
Originally Posted by nuh
Actually XI is the correct banding for VA rewards (you're just confused after having Mk X available at RA5 before the level cap was raised, they should have been only available after reaching RA UH).

Level 1-5 : Mk I (Ensign/Lieutenant)
Level 6-10 : Mk II (Ensign/Lieutenant)
Level 11-15 : Mk III (Lieutenant Commander)
Level 16-20 : Mk IV (Lieutenant Commander)
Level 21-25 : Mk V (Commander)
Level 26-30 : Mk VI (Commander)
Level 31-35 : Mk VII (Captain)
Level 36-40 : Mk VIII (Captain)
Level 41-45 : Mk IX (Rear Admiral Lower Half)
Level 46-50 : Mk X (Rear Admiral Upper Half)
Level 51 : Mk XI (Vice Admiral)
Fixed the ranks for you. You get Lieutenant straight out of the tutorial. I think the confusion is that there are/were mk XII items in the game that technically shouldn't have been allowed until lvl 56-60.