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02-26-2011, 10:26 PM
Originally Posted by Andrys View Post
... and find out all the things you should have done to make a proper Star Trek title great. I'm not sure if you are watching how this is unfolding, but even in pre-launch they are breaking record numbers and adding servers every day.

Here's a few of the areas to study (this doesn't matter that it is fantasy)
1. Global events that are a "meta-game" everyone can participate in and is encouraged to do so
2. "Conquerable" areas where the invading force holds that area for the duration of the event
3. A MASSIVE skill system that takes classes and explodes the number of possibilities
4. Proper crafting system that doesn't impede the overall flow of gameplay
5. Massive quest system that makes it enjoyable to level and takes out the grind (yes there are collection quests, but they have minimized it)
6. INSTANT grouping. Public quests allow for you to float between groups as you chase down rifts seamlessly

and on and on and on

Do us all a favor, pick up a copy and play it. Experience what real massively multiplayer means when you have 30 rifts open and 20 footholds that engage players like never before.

They copied from previous MMOs and polished it over and over again.

Then give us an UPGRADED Star Trek MMO experience.
Of all the things you choose, only 1-3 aren't in the game. 5 is debatable. The rest are in-game.