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02-26-2011, 10:37 PM
Originally Posted by LordDave View Post
Plus, what you're describing would only be half a game for us Trek Fans. Yeah it would make the PVPers happy being able to capture and hold planets (that is on the list of things to do BTW) but what about the rest of us? Are you saying that story driven quests suck?

I would love for Story missions to be good, with some excellent writing and twists. Theyre why I bought the game, but most of it is just the same thing over and over.... so yes.....the story driven quests do suck.

The space is too easy with brain dead opponents that have 1 skill they use immediately. One can even easily beat the STF Space parts by themselves (Aside from the KA which is the best space bit in the entire game). The ground is just terrible, but we all know that. I dont know what they can even do as Im sure theyre limited with the engine they chose to use.

What this game does have, however, is an excellent PVP system. Its unique, pretty well balanced, encourages team play and is a ton of fun. PVP has received 0 updates in terms of content (aside from new ships which PvE gets anyways) in a year and I, as well as many others, still play it everyday, which is surprising as I didnt think it would ever cater to me. Its also surprising how a basic 5v5 team deathmatch mode keeps me interested, even after a year.

Now obviously they cannot just ignore the PvE fanbase (then again, with 5 missions every few months they might as well be). However, I dont understand why, in a year, they havent taken the time to make a new mode, or a new but far better kerrat type open pvp map with multiple objectives and planets. The amount of work put into a single 40 minute Romulan episode mission could be used to make a map or game mode PVPers would play for months.

Overall, it only seems logical, when you have such a small dev team, to make content that is most efficient on the Replayability : Dev Time ratio. PVP content is perfect for this. PVPers have been playing the same three maps for a year. Add in some exclusive rewards, a mode or two, and bam, satisfaction for another 6 months. The Foundry is going to do this for PvE, so give PVP some love as well. Even better, find a way to integrate PVP and PVE so casuals are more likely to cross over.