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02-26-2011, 10:41 PM
Some things I'm glad STO doesn't have that RIFTS has:
1) Fighting against other players for spawns.
2) Random footholds spawning on a quest area that are 10 levels above you.
3) Players on their turtle mounts covering quest NPCs while AFK, so you can't turn in quests.
4) Separate servers - boo. pre-launch was so crowded, I couldn't join my friend's server.
5) Epic server queues (2 hour queues in STO weren't bad - try 30 hours on Briarcliff, pre-launch)
6) Fighting against other groups for boss spawns (hour waits for boss respawns aren't cool; there's a reason many games are ditching them)
Things I wish STO had:
1) More classes
2) Better ground combat
3) Artifact set collections
4) Public raid groups (even STO fleet actions are limited to 5 person teams)
5) Fewer currencies
6) Leveling progression for two factions