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02-26-2011, 10:59 PM
STO will kill WOW - WOW will outlast STO - TOR will kill STO - TOR couldn't even stand up to STO or WOW if it tried blah blah blah... how many of these doooooooooom x24 threads have we heard that have (so far) amounted to naught? Hell, there were even some that said FF VII was going to trump STO and we saw where that went

The thing is people, as long as there is a market any game - even the atrocity that is SWG - will survive. And STO (whether canon-happy Trekkies or PVP lovers care to admit it or not) STO has a HUGE fan base just as TOR (even though it's not released) and WOW do... very few Trekkies are going to jump on the TOR bandwagon and leave their space combat and bridge crew behind for a rail shooter - neither are they going to drop their Lightsabers for some dippy beam-gun... they're going to play both if they're fans of both and that they will do for a VERY long time to come

As for Rift... yeah, if I wanted WOW or LOTRO (which this game seems to copy both of) I'd play LOTRO or WOW... one of which I play (LOTRO) and will continue to play even after I get TOR