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02-26-2011, 11:04 PM
Many people don't realize how small the MMO industry is. I was talking to one of my friends at Trion yesterday in fact. I gave a presentation to another MMO studio about our development process the week prior. Yes we all learn from EACH OTHER constantly. Game development isn't a one way street where one person knows everything. That is why there are trade shows such as GDC (which is next week btw) where we learn from each other. To assume that we need to drop everything and go "learn right now" is ludicrous. You're telling us to go do something we already do more than you realize.

I appreciate your enthusiasm for RIFT. Those guys making the game (some of which are still close friends with people on our team) have worked their arse off to get that game ready for ship, just as we were working 7 days a week 60+ hour weeks for most of last year. I wish Trion and RIFT all the best and yes I will play it just like everyone else to see what it is about.

But please - these are the STO forums, so lets keep things on STO.

Closing this thread. If you want to discuss Rift - go do it on their forums. They deserve your support if you are enjoying the game.