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02-27-2011, 01:15 AM
Originally Posted by Meyer_Lansky
Does changing the difficulty change the likelihood you will get a blue as appose to green?
The whole increased difficulty affecting loot was just an increased chance of mobs dropping loot. It doesn't affect the rarity of the loot, or from containers. It only increased the chances across the board of any loot dropping of any quality. So technically yes you have a higher chance to get blues, but you also have a higher chance to get whites.

Also, I gave up after 7 tries, just gonna buy the stupid naussican sword off the exchange in a few days after the price levels out.

@mykey, I had been doing them all the way through but I got so frustrated with the mission I quit after the worm the last couple times. Just drop and sit in bridge for half an hour for the replay timer to run out. I really hate that timer.