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# 1 Tailor Could use some Cleanup
02-27-2011, 02:42 AM
Is it just me or is all of the new fancy (you can buy this clothing piece if you give us money) options in the tailor just a tad annoying? Don't get me wrong, I understand why it's there and i agree sometimes it's fun to look at what I don't yet own, but it makes it way too cluttered. Maybe add a checkbox to disable viewing un-owned pieces? Also with a few options there are like 10k identical options. Example TNG Combadge, yeah you can get it with TNG suit, DS9 suit, Troi's Suit. But all 3 are identical.. why do I have to choose which one i want to use since they are all the same. Maybe remove that dropdown altogether, i mean even if i only owned like the TNG one, i don't really care that if i bought DS9 or Troi i could get it AGAIN.. I already have it.. Also with all the new open jackets, well I'd like an option for males to not have a sweater underneath it. And 2nd, instead of adding each one to the initial selection options, which again clutters it up insanely. How about just adding a little dropdown for example Starfleet Suit A, with a dropdown that says, (Open Jacket, Closed Jacket)?