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02-27-2011, 02:57 AM
The mission itself was good. MY only complaint was the Amok Time music. Odd I know but It wasn't that it was included but that it just replaces the batle music. IT felt odd when it kicked in. To me it would have been better if IT kicked in when the announcer started introducing what I was going to be fighting via the cut scene.

My MAIN problem with the mission was the story so far set up. I have no kinship wiht Obisek. I felt nocompulsion to help him. In face I face palmed when he was explaining his situation. He is still working wiht WMD's. He has drawn me into a conflict and painted Starfleet as an Ally of the REman REsistance last time I met him despite my objections. The entire encounter last mission left a bitter taste with my captain and crew. I feel we broke the Prime Directive and that we may have inadvertantly started a war with the al Shiar.

To the games credit I had a decline button for the mission. However it's liek the old Rambo game. "The game can't start unless you say yes."