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02-27-2011, 02:57 AM
Ep 4 is great absolute great.
I don't know how you gonna top the all series as you raise the bar cryptic.

but one thing you may need to look into is once you escape from the arena i kind of run all the way to the cave killing all the wild life but the message was saying find a rock formation.

So i was wondering for 15 min without nothing happening until a fleet mate told me to go back to the star when i came out the arena.

so those rock were'n circle so I did missed them at first then finally find them. Also because I did killed all wild life I could get the food (Eng) it kind of ruined my fun.

It would have been better if once outside the Arena in the dessert we could only have the melle weapon and not all my rifle and eng power I mean it doesn't make sense that I couldn't use them in the arena and then have them in the dessert