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So I was busy loving the coliseum, then escaped. I ran from the fighters and went to the white circle by the rocks to hide (like the Reman told me). The white circle disappeared from my mini map, but the objective didn't get checked off on my mission log.

I stayed there a while as instructed, until I got bored and headed east to find this starship. The mission log was not updated. Killed the animals along the way and eventually found a cave with a tunnel I couldn't go into. I decided to head back to the beginning and try again. As I was approaching the rocks where you hide, the white circle reappeared. When I stepped into it I was instantly found by the romulans, a team beamed down and I killed them. The mission log was now up to date.

Trouble is all the warriguls are now dead, so by the time I got to the part where I have to find food for the night there are no warriguls left to find and kill. I've checked all over, tried going back and forth over the area they are supposed to be in, and logged in and out, but the warriguls don't respawn. The mission is at a complete dead end. Unless the devs can quick fix that little issue, looks like I'll have to drop the mission and start over.

A sad way to finish what was my first go at an otherwise fun mission.